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Our House Building & Construction services

Our goal is to provide quality, on time, Home Building projects on Crete at very affordable prices. We build your visions...

In all these years we have build a very successful track record of building projects and created many friends who keep recommending our builder skills

Meticulous Planning

The first part and most critical is to help several meetings to discuss and plan together your building project, choose the right design and materials and carefully plan all aspects of the work

Completion On Time

Crete House Builders have several decades of successful track record for delivering on time the building projects we have been assigned

Affordable Prices

We offer very competitive pricing for any kind of house building and construction project

Perfect Execution

Out builders team and construction professionals have a vast knowledge and 20+ years of expertise

Complete Team of Building Professionals

We provide you legal advice, design tips and plans, suggestions for the materials to use and more - with our partner lawyers, architects, engineers and network of building materials wholesellers

Continuous Support

We are there for you anytime after the completion of the work should you need our services or advice.

Concrete constructions

Need to Build a House on Crete?

Are you looking for a House Building Contractor on Crete?

Want a House Builder Constractor to Renovate
or Repair your house on Crete?

Our team of experienced House Builder is able to provide you quality house construction, House Renovation & House Repair works

Our specialization

General House Constructions – House Builders Works on the Island of CRETE, HELLAS

We offer all kind of House Constructions, Home Building and House Renovations, House Repairing works

House Construction

We are expert House Constructors since 1998 and offer quality construction works of houses in a timely manner, being professional and reliable house constructors

House Reparing

House repairing works (apart of electrical, plumber works, home appliances repair)

House Painting

Affordable House Painting services. We provide Internal and external house paintwork services

Replacing Fittings, Flooring and Tiles

We provide all kind of home placement of Flooring and Tiles for pavements, bathrooms and kitchens alike. Tile placement (wall and floor) for any part of the house: Living Rooms, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Terraces, Balconies, Swimming Pools

Bulk Earthworks & Landscaping

Configuring the Soil, Earthworks and Landscaling. Earthworks Soil Amendments

Landscape & Gardens Design

Landscaping and designing of gardens

Construction of Swimming Pools

Construction of exterior and/or interior Swimming Pools

Interior Design Renovations

Interior design house renovation works

Exterior Design

Exterior design house works

House Building

We are expert House Builders since 1998 and offer quality building of houses in a timely manner, being professional and reliable house builders

House Renovations

We help you and provide ideas and expertise with you home renovation works. With the help of our designers, architects and recommendations with our 20+ years experience we help you plan and select the right materials and options for your house renovation project

Home Plasterwork - Wall Plastering

We provide all types of plastering services. Plaster is a building material used for coating, protecting and decorating external /internal walls and ceilings. It can also be used to create architectural mouldings such as ceiling roses, cornices, corbels. Types of plaster by binder: Gypsum plaster, Lime plaster, Cement plaster, Clay plaster

More info about Plastering - Home Plasterwork

Construction of Fire Places

Construction of custom made Fire Places, or implementation of prefabricated Fire Places

Hardwood Flooring

Affordable Hardwood Flooring services. Parquet, plank and herringbone with a wide range of wood species, floor types, colors, textures. Highest quality of Solid hardwood flooring for your house wooden floors. CRETE HOUSE BUILDRRS offers top Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services in Crete

Stone Working Masonry

Stoneworks Masonry - Interior and Exterior Masonry. Stone Carving masonry. Stonemasonry or stonecraft: We construct Stone Buildings, structures, and Stone Walls (internal or external) using stone as the primary material. Stone Veneers used as a protective and decorative covering for interior or exterior walls and surfaces.

House Isolation Works (Insulation)

We provide all kind of home isolation services (Insulation). On the Island of Crete due to the warm climate House Thermal Insulation is almost mandatory, but so it also Humidity Insulation (Moisture Insulation) that can cause several issues and severe damages. Other house service we provide is House Acoustic Isolation (house soundproofing / insulation). We provide all the House Insulation tips in order you save money and energy and live in a healthy environment. Learn how to properly insulate a house. We are experts in and provide all kind of home insulation services (e.g. Roof Insulation, Thermal Insulation, advanced waterproofing insulations for Basement Walls, Swimming Pools, Water Tanks

and many more house works...

Installing granite/marble, furnaces, fences, concrete driveways, concrete installations, constructions with reinforced concrete, roof/decks installation, patio creations, excavations, fencing, flooring, framing, drywall implementation, concrete construction, deck construction, deck repair, plastering, flooring, smoothing pavements, mold removal, durable concrete coating, concrete sealers & dustproofers

Pergolas Implementation

Construction and Implementation of Wooden, Metallic or Aluminum Pergolas

We provide the best Home Building & Construction services on Crete

Get in touch, drop us a line now and hear what we can offer for your house servicing and constructions

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